Thursday, 13 December 2018

Arcane Angels release schedule [2016-2017]

The shapes of black to come. Arcane Angels release schedule so far. Some releases did / will inevitably delay, some others will take priority, but this is what things are like at the moment. All TBA are bands, some related releases and different formats are not included.

HEARTH - "Lies As Thick As Sand" CS AAR 13-000 [Available]
AGNES VEIN - "Soulship" CD AAR 13-001 [Available]
NAHTRUNAR - ''Symbolismus'' DLP ALTLP014 / AAR 13-002 [Sold Out]
SPECTRAL LORE - "Sentinel" CS AAR 13-003 [Special box // Regular version - Available]
YOHUALLI - ''Yohualli" CD (CS) AAR 13-004 [Available]
ROSETTA - "Audio/Visual Original Score" CD AAR 13-005 [Available]
ROSETTA - "A Dead-Ender's Reunion" CD AAR 13-006 [Available]
MANIMALISM - "Presents The Taarenes Vaar Demo Tapes 1996-1998" CS AAR 13-007 [Available]
URKAOS - "Rehearsal XI" CD (CS) AAR 13-008 [Available]
TALASHAR - "Secrets of the Astral Art" CD (LP) AAR 13-009 [Available]
FOREIGN RESORT - "New Frontiers" [special/tour edition] CD AAR 13-010 [Available]
SUMMUM - "Benedictus Qui Venit In Nomine Domine - Redeamus Ad Mort Domine" CD AAR 13-011 [Available]
OBDUKTIO - "Obduktio" LP (CD) AAR 13-012
ISKANDR - "Heilig Land" LP AAR 13-013 / MYR 002 [Available]
MORPHEUS TALES - "Secular Noir" CS AAR 13-014 [Available]
RIFTWORM - "Household" CD (LP/CS) AAR 13-015 [Available]
TBA AAR 13-016
ROSETTA - "The Anaesthete" CS AAR 13-017
ROSETTA - "Quintessential Ephemera" CS AAR 13-018
INCULCATOR - Void Abecedary LP (CD) AAR 13-019 [Available]
NAHTRUNAR - "Existenz" LP AAR 13-021 / ALTLP024 [Available]
TORRID HUSK / END - "Swallow Matewan" LP AAR 13-022 [Available]
ROSETTA - "Audio/Visual Original Score" CS AAR 13-023
ROSETTA - "A Dead-Ender's Reunion" CS AAR 13-024 [Available]
TBA AAR 13-025
MYSTIK - "Dunkla Klangor... (kapitel I)" CD AAR 13-026 [Available]
MYSTIK -  "Af Herrens Mystik... (kapitel II)" CD AAR 13-027 [Available]
TROLLDOM - "Av Gudablod Röd..." CD (CS) AAR 13-028 [Available]
NAHTRUNAR - "Existenz" CD ALTCD026 / AAR 13-029 [Available]
TBA AAR 13-030
MUSPELLZHEIMR - "Hyldest til trolddommens flamme" CS AAR 13-031 [Soon]
DJEVEL - "Norske ritualer" CS AAR 13-032
ISKANDR - "Heilig Land" CD AAR 13-033 / MYR 002 [Available]
GNIPAHALAN - Gnipahålan CS AAR 13-034
VIRUS - "Demo 2000" Special Edition CS AAR 13-035 [Available]
ISKANDR - "Zon" CD AAR 13-036 [Available]
TBA AAR 13-037
ANGEL'S ARCANA - "Bollingen - Boleskine - Belturbet" CD (LP/CS) AAR 13-038 [Available]
END - "III" DLP AAR 13-039
YOHUALLI - "Yohualli" LP AAR 13-040 [Available]
DOUBLE ECHO - "Ancient Youth" CS AAR 13-041 [Available]
TBA AAR 13-042
BALWEZO WESTIJIZ - ''Urkraftens Mystik'' CD (CS) AAR 13-043 [Available]
URKAOS - ''II'' CD AAR 13-044 [Available]
NIGHTSTALKER - "Use" CD AAR 13-045 [Available]
DEVOURER OF LIGHT / VOCES - split 7" AAR 13-046
BEKETH NEXEHMU - "De Svarta Riterna" CS AAR 13-047
BEKETH NEXEHMU - "De Forna Sederna" CS AAR 13-048
BEKETH NEXEHMU - "De Forna Sederna (del.II)" CS AAR 13-049
BEKETH NEXEHMU - "De Fördolda Klangor" CS AAR 13-050
BEKETH NEXEHMU - "De Svartas Urblod" CS AAR 13-051
BEKETH NEXEHMU - "De Dunklas Återkomst" CS AAR 13-052
BEKETH NEXEHMU - "De Glömdas Ursjälar" CS AAR 13-053
TBA AAR 13-054
EDO - "Without Thought" CD (LP/CS) AAR 13-055 [Available]
TBA AAR 13-056
TBA AAR 13-057
TBA AAR 13-058
TBA AAR 13-059
SPECTRAL WOUND - "Terra Nullius" CD AAR 13-060 [Available]
BARREN CANYON - "Close The Circle" CD (LP) AAR 13-061 [Available]
SPECTRAL WOUND - "Terra Nullius" LP AAR 13-062 [Available]
DREAMLONGDEAD - "MadnessDeadGrave - Invocations Three To The ONES That Lurk At The Threshold" CS AAR 13-063 [Available]
TBA AAR 13-064
TBA AAR 13-065
TBA AAR 13-066
BALWEZO WESTIJIZ - "Spirituell Dödsdyrkan" CD (CS) AAR 13-067 [Available]
TBA AAR 13-068
TBA AAR 13-069
AGNES VEIN - "Soulship" CS AAR 13-070 [Available]
BALWEZO WESTIJIZ - "Spirituell Dödsdyrkan" LP AAR 13-071
TBA AAR 13-072
TBA AAR 13-073
VANDØD - "Vandød" LP (CS) AAR 13-074
NIGHTSTALKER - "Use" DLP AAR 13-076 [Available]
YOHUALLI - "Odio Bronce Live Ritual" CS AAR 13-077 [Available]
RIFTWORM - "Please Don't Go" AAR 13-078
TBA AAR 13-079
TBA AAR 13-080
MORPHEUS TALES - "Secular Noir" CD AAR 13-081 [Available]
TBA AAR 13-082
TBA AAR 13-083
SPECTRAL LORE - "I" CS AAR 13-090 [Available

Monday, 12 November 2018

Rosetta - A Dead Ender's Reunion - The Definite Collection OUT NOW!

A release that has been long in the making, this package is compiled by two cassettes and a cd all housed in a wooden sturdy box. Since we wanted this release to be personal, every unit includes different extras in the form of bonus pictures printed as card postals.

The tracklisting on the cd and tape 1 is slightly different compared to the digipack edition released and available by Arcane Angels. Tape 2 includes all bonus demo material previously available only as a digital download from the band's official bandcamp page.

Since it has been available on cd before and the entire running length is too long for a vinyl release, it is safe to tell this is the only physical medium that will ever include these bonus songs. The release is strictly limited to 99 units due to its high production cost and is now available through the label's official site/channels.

In total, what you get is:
Wooden box,
CD compiling ADER's main tracklisting,
Two cassettes that exceed THREE hours of material
4-page booklet
Bonus cards depicting the band's favorite moments

Price for the box is 18 euros + shipping costs. In addition to it, we have a super-cheap bundle of 4 cd titles for only 10 euros extra for all who purchase the box. Just clearing some stock, plus all four releases are stellar and similar to Rosetta one way or the other.

Angel's Arcana "Bollingen | Boleskine | Belturbet"

Riftworm "Household"

Edo "Without Thought"

Agnes Vein "Soulship"

Friday, 5 January 2018

Yohualli "Odio Bronce Live Ritual" out now

Hello to all!

1) YOHUALLI have a new live cassette out titled "Odio Bronce Live Ritual". Its running length is mostly comprised of tracks that did not make it on the band's official debut, plus a bonus song exclusive to the tape version. The release is limited to 70 copies and its live material has been remastered specifically for the occasion.

Price for the tape: 6 euros before postage.

You can stream the cassette in full here:

2) Secondly, I know its been a long wait for Rosetta's Dead Enders Reunion CS and the only thing that put a halt to it were the label's serious financial problems. The edition is in the works and in order to compensate people for their patience, all units will be wooden ones. It will be the next AAR title out.

Thank you all for your support,

Monday, 5 June 2017

NEWS NEWS NEWS! Nine (9) New Arcane Angels Releases.

An LP preorder bundle was previously available through our FB page, but since I wanted to have a clearer view of when I should expect my next titles, I didn't want to update the site or send a newsletter as of yet. 

CDs are all here and LPs are expected to ship factory this week. Titles and samples below. 

And please don't email me at my old label email or message me on facebook for this bundle. Better to organize it properly and I much prefer to keep all orders together.

​YOHUALLI "Yohualli" LP 
Colored (transparent yellow) 16 euros / Black 15 euros 

LP version of the official debut by supernova masters of the Black Twilight sound. Albeit their sound is now evolving into something different. News, news, news to be out soon on coming releases.

TORRID HUSK / END "Swallow Matewan" LP 
Colored (transparent blue) 16 euros / Black 15 euros 

A fruitful collaboration of entities faithful to the atmospheric bm sound. Evoking and massive, yet without losing its edge. This release may appeal to all tastes, as its quality shines from start to finish

SPECTRAL WOUND "Terra Nullius" LP 
Black 15 euros 

Canadian masters of the atmospheric bm sound. Both abrassive and evoking, with an edge arguably "punkish" in a sense. Brilliant LP with lots of catchy riffs throughout the recording

Preorder options available and they're dirt cheap: 
Buy ALL three releases for 44 euros INCLUDING postage within the EU 
Buy ALL three releases for 46.50 euros INCLUDING postage WORLDWIDE 

Colored bundle is +2 euros added to the total 

Black (lim to 100) 23 euros / Smokey Grey 23 euros 

Most classic Greek stoner rock recording, coming straight from the mid 90s. Line up includes Andreas Lagios of Rotting Christ. Style is straight-to-the-point stoner rock in the vein of Kyuss, Slo Burn and Unida and it is actually THAT good.

INCULCATOR "Void Abecedary" Jewelcase CD 
Remastered And Improved / Damage 9 euros 

Incredible technical thrash for fans of Vektor, Nocturnus, Mekong Delta and South American thrash. Side-project of Abyssal (UK)

ISKANDR "Heilig Land" Digipack CD 
Damage 9 euros 

CD edition of their previously issued LP, so you are aware what to expect. Nothing but top notch quality and obscure ritualistic sounds by the otherwise notorious collective of Haeresis Noviomagi

ISKANDR "Zon" Digipack CD 
Damage: 8.50 euros 

Follow up to Heilig Land, same sound and aesthetic, albeit even more mature in terms of songwriting. Band belong to the HN collective with Turia and Lubbert Das among others. A perfect fit to an otherwise great streak of releases

EDO "Without Thought" Jewelcase CD 
Damage: 8.50 euros 

Rock-based project of Yohualli mainman. Ιts electric tracks have a feel similar to Yohualli's sheer intensity, while the acoustic parts expand in a rather foggy sense. Remarkably interesting and diverse release throughout its entire running length 

Electric sample:

Acoustic sample:

MORPHEUS TALES "Secular Noir" Jewelcase CD 
Damage: 9 euros 

A trip into the cosmos by one of Greece's most unique avant-garde entities. Their style blends both Greek and oldish Norwegian influences -reviewers have even compared them to Fleurety in a sense. This is the jewelcase CD edition of their lim cassette previously out on Arcane Angels

Preorder options below: 
Buy all 5 CDs for 33 euros + (extra) shipping 
Or buy the whole pack of 9 releases (3 lps, 1 dlp, plus 5 cds) and get it for 84 euros + shipping (28 euros discount here) 

Generally, I think you can tell by now the label's concept is to promote bands who focus on actual songwriting / musicianship. So that means we don't mind giving some stuff literally for free. 

Thank you all for supporting the label so far, your encouragement has been seriously overwhelming. We hope you've all been enjoying our past releases, albeit tastes can differ in some occasions.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Rosetta's "A Dead-Ender's Reunion" DCS pre-order. A different one.

Rosetta's "A Dead-Ender's Reunion" Double Cassette pre-order is now open. And every copy will be unique. Please read carefully all info below. 

I gave quite a lot of thought on this. Not only because Rosetta is a highly favorite band, but also cos I very much wanted to do something special for the occasion. "A Dead-Ender's Reunion" is their first cassette, a commemorative release spanning the band's entire career from 2003 to the present, as well as their only physical edition to compile a total of three hours and ten minutes of recorded material. 

As you know, "A Dead-Ender's Reunion" original digital release included a ton of remixes, rarities, b-sides, demos and selected live tracks that most of 'em didn't end up on its CD version. And it is a wonder whether they will ever see the light of a future release again, as the digipack would have to be a 3CD (and the price could turn out a practical problem). It made more sense at the time to keep them aside for something both different and special in a sense. Especially since the additional tracks do fit a cassette better, hence why the release will be divided in two parts. 

Question is, why is a pre-order for two cassettes necessary? Because every copy will be unique. You heard that right, every single edition will be different, so that means you get to own your own personal copy with it's owner's name too. The shape is also something you'll find out when you unseal your parcel: It might be two cassettes in a simple double case, it might be a pouch edition, or it could be a wooden box... it could be anything, really. Not only the materials, but the shapes may also differ for some cases. So it is safe to tell this will require a lot of work, but also a lot of care I'll put into. 

Price for the double cassette box is 14 euros plus shipping & fees and you can only order ONE unit per customer. As you get, these won't be simple editions, the production cost not the usual one and if anyone sells it for some extra bucks on discogs, well, I feel sorry for you already. Please contact me via arcaneangelsrecords @ gmail [.] com (old email works too), my FB label page or carrier pigeon. And if there's any difference in the shipping price, rest assured I will refund the difference when the edition is out.
arcaneangelsrecords @ gmail [.] com

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

NIGHTSTALKER "Use" DLP pre-order is now open

NIGHTSTALKER "Use" DLP pre-order is now open. 

Black vinyl: lim to 100 units 
Smokey vinyl: lim to 400 units 

Nightstalker has been praised as one of Greece's most classic underground diamonds. Not only for the members themselves, but for the odd timing their debut full-length came out. Most people are aware of Andreas Lagios due to his involvement in most Rotting Christ records, but Nightstalker was his original band -and in a sense, a bit too ahead of their time for Greek standards. 

Style is a mix of Kyuss and Monster Magnet. I mean, the GOOD Monster Magnet days. I dare say it is just as great as these classic records, without copying their style, but pushing it one step forward thanks to Argy's distinctive vocals. 

Release has been faithfully remastered from the original DAT files. Reissue comes in two gatefold versions, depicting the original cover art as should. Price is 23 euros plus shipping & fees and you can hear it streaming in its entirety below.

Sunday, 9 April 2017


I apologize for the delay. Pressing plant faced a malfunction problem and needed to repair its equipment so all orders are now shipping. For any who missed on the stuff:

Nahtrunar - Existenz DigiCD 10 euros ​ 

-A study of the secrets of the earth, yet a storm gathered by the most fatal of riffs. Unmatched brilliance shining through the most dreadful of nights. Digipack cd edition, including an 8-page booklet with unseen art and lyrics.

Summum - Benedictus Qui Venit In Nomine Domine - Redeamus Ad Mort Domine CD 9 euros ​

-Abruptum worship insanity by Swartadauþuz of Ancient Records. Original LP release kills. Equally excellent mastered CD edition that won't leave anyone unsatisfied.

Urkaos ‎– Urkaos II CD 9 euros ​ 

-Swedish dark ambient by Swartadauþuz of Ancient Records. Its impeccable intellect pierces all senses through the new superior master. CD version of their 2011 demo. 

Balwezo Westijiz - Spirituell Dödsdyrkan CD 9 euros 

-Swedish dark ambient by Swartadauþuz of Ancient Records. Only out once on a limited cassette version of 20 hand-numbered copies. Improved remastered release that includes rather evoking art. 

Balwezo Westijiz - Urkraftens Mystik CD 9 euros 

-Swedish dark ambient by Swartadauþuz of Ancient Records. CD re-release of the band's official full-length. Includes an impressive and well-crafted 8-page booklet. 

Spectral Lore - I CS 6 [OUT ON APRIL 13] 
-Greyish cassette version of this brilliant debut. A release focusing on the band's earlier black metal roots. Edition limited to 33 units. 

For any who missed our previous bundle offer, we got the following options below: 

Buy all four Ancient Records cds now for 30 euros + shipping 
Buy all four Ancient Records & Nahtrunar "Existenz" cds now for 39 euros + shipping 
Buy all the above titles (6 releases in total) for 42 euros + shipping

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Deathwards. Nahtrunar / Iskandr LPs out now.

Previously announced bundle is available again and will remain open until one of these vinyl titles is sold out.

-NAHTRUNAR "EXISTENZ" LP + Poster (co-release with Altare Prods) 15 euros [Repress now available]

A hymn to the mysteries that are buried within existence, an amplification of the whisper the soil is trembling with, a study of the secrets of the earth. Yet, a storm gathered by the most fatal of riffs. Existenz goes for the throat in cold blood with riffs sharper than Death Himself. Expect nothing but 1994 quality by one of the most talented bands in today's underground

-ISKANDR "HEILIG LAND" LP (co-release with Mysterion) 14 euros

Debut full-length by one of the many branches of the notorious Haeresis Noviomagi collective. Lo-fi, evoking, yet magnetic; their obscure aethetics are unmatched by most relative cavemen of the current scene. It's no wonder AAR invited both Turia and Lubbert Das to our first Arcane Angels Festival in Athens; nor how we have more HN offerings in line to be out in the near future

-If you are looking for a vinyl-only deal and you are located in Europe, get both Nahtrunar & Iskandr now for 40 euros including registered shipping and paypal fees

-If you are located anywhere else in the world, you can get both titles for 44 euros including registered worldwide shipping and fees. You heard that right

Monday, 13 March 2017

Spectral Wound, Barren Canyon & Nightstalker out now

Cassette bundle is now over. Next one:

-SPECTRAL WOUND - "Terra Nullius" CD
Raw yet epic; melodic yet abrassive; a Canadian masterful riff-fest in the most evoking of atmospheres

-BARREN CANYON - "Close The Circle" CD
First full-length approach presenting Maikan's frosty appeal to Canadian nature. Edition includes all new and impressive booklet artwork

One of the most classic Greek rock albums and a hard to find recording for years. One of my favorite records and no inferior to Kyuss, Monster Magnet or the other old bands of this scene. Line-up includes Andreas Lagios (ex-Rotting Christ)

Get now both SPECTRAL WOUND and BARREN CANYON for only 14 euros. Offer stands for the following two days. For adding the NIGHTSTALKER digi subtotal is 21 euros

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Cassette Bundle with 6 new releases

Our bundle is now over. Thank you all for your support! Next one coming, a strictly cassette one. Bundle offer will be available until Monday. 

All cassettes cost 38 euros, but you can now get everything for only 27 euros. You heard that right, it's a 30% discount. 

MANIMALISM - "Presents The Taarenes Vaar Demo Tapes 1996-1997" CS Obscure Norwegian avant-garde brilliance. Lost '90s recordings recently resurfaced by Kyrck and released under his kind permission. Music is a mix of early Thorns, Ved Buens Ende and The 3rd and The Mortal and it is that good in terms of both aesthetic and quality. Edition comes in an all shiny silver pouch. Price: 8 euros.

DREAMLONGDEAD - "MadnessDeadGrave - Invocations Three To The ONES That Lurk At The Threshold" CS Total Hellhammer worship doom/death without sounding "dated" or stuck in the past. Not much to say other than how cassette ended up better than the digital and if you disagree I'll just give you your money back. Edition lim to 66 units. Price: 6 euros

HEARTH - "Lies As Thick As Sand" CS Another promising doom/death act that never saw a proper light of a release. The band split-up shortly before their first full-length was out and we're now pressing it just for the sake of a release. Thus, edition is lim to 33 units with no repress possibility. Price: 6 euros

DOUBLE ECHO - "Ancient Youth" CS Shady post-punk totally faithful to the old ways. If you like Bauhaus or Joy Division you'll go nuts with this. Cassette includes an exclusive bonus from a compilation they took part in. Edition lim to 100 units. Price: 6 euros

MORPHEUS TALES - "Secular Noir" CS Space avant-garde with a Greek flavor that has even been compared to Fleurety by reviewers. I know this one delayed a lot but we were waiting for their new logo and no one managed or found the time to get it done. Cassette version lim to 50 units. Price: 6 euros  

AGNES VEIN - "Soulship" CS A mix of all things slow and heavy, Soulship was our very first AAR release on CD and this is its cassette version. Limitation is strict to 66 units as it addresses to existing fans of their sound and its unfathomable quality. Price: 6 euros

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

AR BUNDLE now open

Our next bundle offer is now available for the following two days:

BALWEZO WESTIJIZ ‎- Spirituell Dödsdyrkan CD
BALWEZO WESTIJIZ ‎‎- Urkraftens Mystik CD
SUMMUM ‎- Benedictus Qui Venit In Nomine Domine - Redeamus Ad Mort Domine CD

Buy all four for 24 euros (that's 6 euros per cd). Email: arcaneangelsrecords @ gmail dot com

Friday, 6 January 2017

PRE-ORDER for MYSTIK + TROLLDOM is now open.

PRE-ORDER for MYSTIK + TROLLDOM is now open.

T-shirts // Hoodies // Zipper Jackets. Below you can have a look, all T-shirts + Hoodies will look like the previews.

Like all the shirts I own, these are more simple than the usual metal stuff. I want things nekro yet simple: not filled with 736483 inverted crosses or goats drinking beer in the forest. It's cool if others like other aesthetics of course, just not my style at all.

T-shirts: 15€ each
Hoodies: 35€ each

Please contact via arcaneangels [@] hotmail [.] com, our FB page or carrier pigeon. But seriously, thank you all so far for the overwhelming support, it means everything to me. Pre-order will run for a few days, will send a newsletter too as well as notify when pressing time gets closer.

Thursday, 22 December 2016

Angel's Arcana - Bollingen - Boleskine - Belturbet

Angel's Arcana - Bollingen Boleskine Belturbet
-AAR 13-038
-Status: Available
-Jewelcase CD edition, 4-page booklet
-Tape and vinyl version scheduled to follow in the near future

Arguably most diverse release in the current post-rock field. Formed by Opened Paradise mainman, his solo project's wide range of influences deals from ethereal gothic aesthetics to post-infused atmospheres; or even small hints of Greek elements in acoustic strings and structures. Arcane Angels don't deny of course the name was a reason why we were originally intrigued to give this project a fair chance, but make no mistake; this pressing had nothing to do with coincidental similarities, or superficial impressions. What we have here is musicianship of the highest qualities with zero filler or needless moments, recommended to fans of Antimatter, Rosetta, or even Autumn's Grey Solace. Price for the jewelcase CD is 8€ + postage, tape and vinyl will follow at a later point.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Riftworm - Household

Riftworm - Household
-AAR 13-015
-Status: Available
-Jewelcase CD edition, 4-page booklet
-Vinyl & tape version scheduled to follow in the near future

New crushing eerie drone band from Texas, US. Pretty much what a drone version of Anathema would sound by comparing their mindset to rare elements of the scene. Fact is their rhythmic qualities tend to focus more on songwriting instead of pure ambience, turning their wall of sound into an asphyxiating cloud that reeks of mourn and bleak atmospheres. Some have even dared to describe it as a mix of Nadja and Angelic Process, for it offers only the highest qualities amplifier worship may generate. 

Jewelcase CD edition is available for the price of 8€ plus shipping and fees. And truth is there is a slight imperfection inside the booklet, which is 100% the pressing plant's responsibility. After some unsuccessful efforts to get them printed right though, we decided to keep em that way for it somehow fits the album's title and "cursed" concept after all.

Virus - Demo 2000 [Special Box CS]

Virus - Demo 2000
-AAR 13-035 
-Status: Available
-Special box cassette 
-Black matte box with silver printing
-Silver pendant edition depicting full Virus' logo lim to 100 units
-Silver pin edition depicting full Virus' logo inside a frame lim to 50 units

Our most expensive experiment to date offers the ultimate edition of the long out-of-print "Demo 2000" of Norwegian avant-rock masters VIRUS. It is no secret this used to be their rarest recording to date for it had been out only once in the past before, offered as a limited 3" leather CD edition of 72 units in total. This is the second pressing of this notorious demo and the first on an accordingly faithful format; for demos are meant to be tapes, even when their nature seems a bit too special.

Specifically crafted and designed to be released at the first Arcane Angels Festival in Athens (Oct. 28, 2016), the label decided to offer the absolute essential edition that no pressing would compare to it. Our printed box comes in two different versions; first with a full silver Virus' logo made as a pendant for according use, and secondly with a full silver pin depicting their logo inside a frame. Pendant logo box edition is lim to 100 units and costs 25 euros, pin box edition is lim to 50 units and costs 26 euros. I understand the price may seem a bit higher than our usual policy, but this wasn't cheap to make (and I don't think anyone in my place would be able to sell it for less).

Please note the box is limited to ONE unit per customer. I guess you understand the reasons.

Friday, 7 October 2016

Bundle period over.

Our rather successful bundle campaign is now over. Thank you all for the overwhelming support. CS/CD titles are now available at the following prices. As you all know, we have a permanent bundle offer for our titles, so all who missed the bundle can still save on something.

Buy three or more ARCANE ANGELS releases and you're getting a 10% discount out of your entire order. The only thing that can't be included to this offer is Spectral Lore's Sentinel box CS edition due to high production cost. Some people haven't paid for their bundle orders yet by the way, but I am going to wait for a few days for their payment.

List of our recent batch is as follows:

Spectral Lore - Sentinel box CS with silver pendant 15 euros [Sold Out]
- Space black metal excellence from a master of the genre

Spectral Lore - Sentinel regular CS edition 6 euros
- Space black metal excellence from a master of the genre

Yohualli - Yohualli CD 9 euros
-Worship Black Twilight sound, remastered and enhanced

Mystik - Dunkla Klangor... (kapitel I) CD 10.50 euros
-Ancient Records quality, no more is needed

Mystik - Af Herrens Mystik... (kapitel II) CD 10.50 euros
-Ancient Records quality, no more is needed

Trolldom - Av Gudablod Röd... CD 9 euros
-Ancient Records quality, no more is needed

Talashar - Secrets of the Astral Art CD 8.50 euros
-90s space mix of Emperor and Darkspace. Very unique in its ways and the whole recording is top notch

Angel's Arcana - Bollingen Boleskine Belturbet CD 8 euros
-Intriguing atmospheric release for fans of Antimatter and Autumn's Grey Solace

Riftworm - Household CD 8 euros
-New eerie drone band from the US. Pretty much what a drone version of Anathema would sound, some have even described it as a mix of Nadja and Angelic Process. Arcane Angels is absolutely thrilled to have this band on their roster and we are already working on their second release

Monday, 3 October 2016

Spectral Lore - Sentinel

Spectral Lore - Sentinel
-AAR 13-003
-Status: [Special box - Sold Out // Regular version - Available]
-Regular & special box cassette
-Redesigned artwork, black matte box, silver pendant depicting their new ''S'' symbol
-Vinyl version scheduled to follow in the future

After quite a wait, this is what some would call the ultimate box cassette treatment for the mysterious cosmic entity behind SPECTRAL LORE. Both its regular and its special edition come with newly adjusted artwork by Arcane Accidents, presenting for the first time its impressive cover in full on just one panel. Special edition comes with a SILVER pendant inside a black matte box with the same symbol printed in silver on its remarkably smooth surface. The box looks much more elegant in reality actually and these pictures don't do enough justice.

The price is the best part. Regular cassette costs 6 euros + shipping, while our special box edition + the tape + the pendant costs only 15 euros + shipping in total. 15 euros (if not more) would cost the pendant alone so as you probably get this is an edition strictly made for the fans.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Yohualli - Yohualli

Yohualli - Yohualli
-AAR 13-004
-Status: Available
-Remastered edition
-Jewelcase CD edition, 4-page booklet
-Vinyl & tape version scheduled to follow in the near future

Worship Black Twilight - Breaking the circle.

Arcane Angels is excited to announce what they consider their album of the year; the debut full-length release by the astral black metal entity of YOHUALLI. By drawing their influence from ancient Mayan civilizations, as well as a cosmic aura not far from the brilliance that inspired such bands in the first place, YOHUALLI have incorporated a variety of elements into their identity, crafting a work distinctive in its own ways.

Fact is the release was in need of a careful treatment for their material was a mess and literally required six remastering attempts until we managed to nail the exact sound. The goal was to preserve its chaos, expand it, and perhaps, give it a new dimension, since the guitars sound nearly astral and this dense sound only enhances their brilliant ideas. It is a truth YOHUALLI draw influence from older bands, but make no mistake; nothing out there sounds quite like them in reality. Their songwriting skills present a heavy metal mentality incorporated into their lead guitars, as they speed their way through their compositions without the sense of fear, or the weary thought of a bleak tomorrow.

YOHUALLI "self titled" was expected to be arrive on the 13th of September; but even though our copies were not in our hands by then, you should know the 13th of September is its official release date. YOHUALLI "s/t" is available for the price of 9€ plus shipping. Below you can take a look at the edition as well as the band's new logo, carefully designed by Arcane Accidents (original concept credits to Yohualli).

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Morpheus Tales - Secular Noir

Morpheus Tales - Secular Noir
-AAR 13-014
-Status: Available
-Cassette version, 200gr matte paper, top-notch sound quality
-Limited to 50 copies
-Digipack & DLP editions scheduled to follow in the future

Arcane Angels is excited to announce the beginning of their collaboration with sophisticated psychedelic black metallers MORPHEUS TALES. Too many words hardly fit in just one sentence admittedly, but it is a fact how their mix of influences has evolved to a degree inexplicably diverse.

Old Norwegian avant-garde meets traditional Greek aesthetics in their first official debut "Secular Noir", while their members have been feverishly writing new prominent material. Rest assured you should expect nothing but pleasant changes in their next steps, since their brewing procedure has been rather exciting to observe. Current damage for the tape is 6 euros plus postage, unless you combine it to other AAR titles and get a better price.

Saturday, 25 June 2016

The Foreign Resort - New Frontiers [tour edition]

The Foreign Resort - New Frontiers [tour edition]
-AAR 13-010
-Status: Available
-Digipack CD version, matte surface, includes eight bonus tracks

Exquisite tour edition of this critically acclaimed full-length. The Foreign Resort offer an explosive post-punk mix of radio-friendly qualities and considerable depth, since they stand amongst the leading newcomers of their shady kind. It is no secret we place New Frontiers among the best post-punk releases of the decade, a rather important reason why we decided to assemble a complete presentation of their work.

Among its eight bonus tracks, you'll find selections spanning the band's entire career to the present, along with most Japan bonus material that was meant for its original edition. This is highly recommended to fans of New Order and The Cure, even though every release is different and special in its own way. Price is 8€ + shipping, but you can get a better deal by combining it to our releases and/or distro stock. Running time exceeds 70 minutes and you can be sure every track has been carefully picked.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Rosetta - Audio​/​Visual Original Score & A Dead​-​Ender's Reunion

Rosetta - Audio​/​Visual Original Score
-AAR 13-005
-Status: Available
-Digipack CD version, matte surface
-Tape version scheduled to follow in the near future

Rosetta - A Dead​-​Ender's Reunion
-AAR 13-006
-Status: Available
-Digipack CD version, matte surface
-Tape version scheduled to follow in the near future

First physical editions of "Audio​/​Visual Original Score" & "A Dead​-​Ender's Reunion" as matte finished digipack versions. "Audio/Visual" was recorded solely by Mike Armine, Matt Weed and Linshuang Lu for serving its purpose as the original score for Justin Jackson's documentary on the band. "A Dead​-​Ender's Reunion" on the other hand is a different story; more like a collection of remixes, rarities, B-sides and retrospectives, spanning the band's entire career from 2003 to present. Both editions include some totally new artwork, crafted in the most faithful of ways to the already existing one. As the graphics designer who made it happens to be a big Rosetta fan, you can be sure these editions received the best possible of treatments.

Moreover, we thought Rosetta fans do deserve an special treat, so we have an extra surprise for you. I am happy to inform you I have a good number of Rosetta's "Anaesthete" digisleeves in my possession and I really have to thank Debemur Morti Productions for their kind assistance on the matter. So, "Audio​/​Visual Original Score", "A Dead​-​Ender's Reunion" & "Anaesthete" CDs are now available all three as a bundle-offer for the price of 25 euros postpaid, worldwide & registered. We thought the deal should be fair to ALL Rosetta fans worldwide and to be honest I don't think you'd get them that cheap even if the distro guy was your next door neighbor.

However, if you're interested to purchase just one of the existing titles, "Audio/Visual" and "A Dead​-​Ender's Reunion" are also available separately, each for the price of 9 euros + shipping. First come, first served. Please e-mail me at arcaneangels [@] hotmail [.] com and I'll write back with any info on your request. Above you can see a few pictures of the editions, but you can also be sure the band will be carrying their own copies with them on their upcoming EU tour.

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Urkaos - Rehearsal XI

Urkaos - Rehearsal XI
-AAR 13-008
-Status: Available
-Jewelcase CD edition, 4-page booklet
-Tape version scheduled to follow in the near future

Arcane Angels is insurmountably proud to announce the beginning of their collaboration with the esoteric black metal entity of ANCIENT RECORDS. Starting with URKAOS and their "Rehearsal XI" infamous recording, Swartadauþuz offers a more stripped-down, dungeonish approach of his classic "Urkaos I" sessions for the first time available on jewelcase CD format.

Ancient Records offers the rare blend of aura, perception and isolated brilliance that gave a special meaning to these projects in the first place. Black metal is not a kind of music meant for the norm, for it feeds an inner state of everyone against everyone. URKAOS "Rehearsal XI" is now available for the price of 8 euros, but you can ofc get a better price by combining it to our releases, or any distro stock.

Friday, 8 April 2016

Nahtrunar - Symbolismus

Nahtrunar - Symbolismus 
-ALTLP014 / AAR 13-002
-Double LP edition, no innersleeve 
-Co-release with Altare Productions 
-Limited to 250 copies, includes three vinyl bonus tracks

Nahtrunar DLP is now sold out from Arcane Angels, please don't email us for copies. We want to thank you for your kind support and we promise to work harder on our coming releases.

Debut full-length by this genius esoteric band. Nahtrunar deliver multiple injections of hypnotic shades, filtered through a sufficient diversity of brilliant riffs. Truth is aesthetic has always been important for black metal in its history, but things got a bit too far in the '10s; to the point I miss the qualities of powerful, distinctive riffs. Nahtrunar is here to offer the highest art of finely complex structures, keeping in mind the songs need to breathe without interference in their consistent flow.  

On a personal comment, I actually wanted this to be my first vinyl release, for I believe this band is destined for greater things to come. Even if their leads shine in time through their esoteric aura, their approach enhances their ideas to a point they don't lack in vitality; even after repeated listens. Their identity is a mesmerizing blend of Aesthetic and Perception; Perception that makes them differ from most traditional bands, for their riffs reek of musicianship and subconsciously veiled inspiration.  

Plus, one more thing. I am sure some will complain about the limitation, but few people genuinely cared when the CD was out and that's a fact you can't deny. I guess more will pay attention now only because it's vinyl, but I prefer a simple low-priced edition you'll enjoy instead of something you can put as a prize on your wall. Arcane Angels now offer Nahtrunar DLP for the price of 19 euros; but if you combine our releases and/or distro stuff, then you can get it for the price of 17 euros. More than fair in my opinion, considering its limitation and what you pay for most DLPs nowadays.

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Agnes Vein - Soulship

Agnes Vein - Soulship
-AAR 13-001
-Status: Available
-Jewelcase CD edition, 8-page booklet
-Cassette version lim to 66 units
-Tape version scheduled to follow in the near future

Second full-length by this distinctive doom band now available on CD. Presenting a mix of all sorts of slow-paced influences dealing with esoteric aspects of an eternal night. This is mandatory for the Neurosis-worshiping audience, especially since Agnes Vein stand among the few bands of today who filtered their darkness according to their own personal view.

Amongst other elements you'll find hints of old Anathema, Cathedral & Celtic Frost's "Monotheist"; even though the entire aesthetic ends up very different in nature. There is a darkness traced that's very similar, yet parallel in terms of mentality. Price is 8€ for the CD and 6€ for the cassette, but please note all customers get a 10% discount by combining three Arcane Angels releases -or place any order over 50€.