Tuesday, 12 January 2016


New email address: arcaneangelsrecords [@] gmail [.] com

I still check the old one and will for some time.

Another label out of the many specified in dark underground music. However, our philosophy is not meant to be restrained by any trends, thus we aim to release any kind of music that sounds exciting to our ears.

All prices mentioned are in EUR. Please don't bargain and be sure we'll be nice to you. If you start bargaining, well, it's quite possible you won't get a discount at all.

1. ANY order bigger than 50 EUR (excluding shipping) gets a 10% discount. This doesn't include some special cassette boxes with silver accessories, as well as our shirts.

2.  Pick three or more AAR titles and get a 10% discount on your entire order. Again, CS boxes and shirts are not included.

To any bands, feel free to send me your material, but please do consider I listen to every thing I stock, plus I do need some time for the old stuff I enjoy. If I won't answer that doesn't mean I didn't listen to your record, or thought it sucks, I could be thinking it was quite good or interesting and didn't have more time at the moment. So please keep in mind I receive five albums per day and it's impossible to properly check everything.

"Δεν υπάρχουν ιδέες, υπάρχουν μονάχα άνθρωποι που κουβαλούν τις ιδέες, κι αυτές παίρνουν το μπόι του ανθρώπου που τις κουβαλάει."