Saturday, 30 January 2016

Discount options

In order to make your purchases more affordable we'll be offering some bundle/discount options. All prices mentioned are in EUR, please don't bargain and be sure we'll be nice to you. If you start bargaining, well, it's quite possible you won't get a discount at all.

Any order larger than 50 EUR (excluding shipping) gets a 10% discount. Or you can pick three AAR titles and you'll get the same discount, even when the sum turns out lower than 50 EUR. Be sure the offer stands regardless of what format you personally prefer.

We haven't figured out what's the deal with considerably large orders, at least not yet. However, according to our view you can't treat a person who buys 20 CDs per month the same way you treat someone who buys 1 CD per year. Makes sense, doesn't it?