Tuesday, 12 January 2016



AAR titles:

​YOHUALLI "Yohualli" LP Colored (transparent yellow) 16 euros / Black 15 euros
LP version of the official debut by supernova masters of the Black Twilight sound

TORRID HUSK / END "Swallow Matewan" LP Colored (transparent blue) 16 euros / Black 15 euros
A fruitful collaboration of entities faithful to the atmospheric bm sound. Evoking and massive, yet without losing its edge

SPECTRAL WOUND "Terra Nullius" LP Black (co-release with Mysterion) 15 euros
Canadian masters of the atmospheric bm sound. Both abrassive and evoking, with an edge arguably "punkish" in a sense

NIGHTSTALKER "Use" Double LP Black (lim to 100) 23 euros / Smokey Grey 23 euros
Most classic Greek stoner rock recording, coming straight from the mid 90s. Line up includes Andreas Lagios of Rotting Christ

NAHTRUNAR "EXISTENZ" LP + Poster (co-release with Altare Prods) 15 euros
A hymn to the mysteries that are buried within existence, an amplification of the whisper the soil is trembling with, a study of the secrets of the earth

ISKANDR "HEILIG LAND" LP (co-release with Mysterion) 14 euros
Debut full-length by one of the many branches of the notorious Haeresis Noviomagi collective. Lo-fi, evoking, yet magnetic

Distro titles:

Anti Cimex - Criminal Trap 14
-Classic Swedish crust/hardcore punk, sufficiently crispy sounding

Anti Cimex - Absolut Country of Sweden 16
-Classic Swedish crust/hardcore punk, a bit more clean, yet with tons of killer riffs

Anti Cimex - Scandinavian Jawbreaker 15
-Classic Swedish crust/hardcore punk, you never get enough of that rocking vibe

Acid King - Middle of Nowhere, Center of Everywhere black 2LP 22
-A ten year wait is over. Massive yet trippy, its well-written guitars and solid rhythm section is a guarantee for every stoner rock fan

Black Crucifixion - Coronation of King Darkness 9.50
-Mesmerizing & Bathory influenced, an album fitting for any fan of the old & new black metal scene

Convulse - Inner Evil 8
-Classic Finnish death metal band, their first tracks since 1994. A foretaste of what's to come

Clandestine Blaze - Falling Monuments 16
-His first-full length in 4 years. More mature-sounding than expected, but the production is a perfect fit to the actual songwriting

Draug - In Glorification of Dark Legions 16.50
-New project of Sir N. (also in Svartrit, Acerbitas, Grav, Grifteskymfning, Hädanfärd, Helgedom), presenting a more subtle approach production-wise. Telepathic Darkness in its very meaning

Drawn And Quartered - Feeding Hell's Furnace 14
-Possibly most underrated US death metal band ever. Essential release just like everything they put out so far. However, purists might prefer the particular recording due its organic sound

Dream Death - Back From The Dead DLP 16
-Essential double compilation of these thrashy doom/death monsters. Obscure shades & killer riffs

Essenz - Mundus Numen 9
-Abrasive black/doom, yet ideally balanced. An example of strategically controlled chaos by Drowned members

Esa Helasvuo - Think-Tank-Funk 19
-Improvisational/free jazz from the 70s; highly recommended release. Now available on clear vinyl edition

Eero Koivistoinen - Valtakunta 20
-Late 60s prog rock with a jazz influence, classic to their own kind, yet not very known outside Finland. Limited clear wax version

Goatess - Goatess 2LP 19
-Lord Chritus (Count Raven. Lord Vicar) side-project, stoner/doom with a trippy vibe

Hector - Liisa Pien 19
-Classic out of print folkish prog rock from Finland. This is the limited colored edition in transparent red

Hela - Broken Cross 9.50
-A mesmerizing, yet enlightened wall of sound. Highly recommended for fans of Yob, even if they end up different in nature

Holocausto - De Volta Ao Front 11
-Trashy & very raw sounding, more punk oriented compared to their early days

Inthyflesh - Do Sangue Que Verte Veneno 11
-Sufficiently eluring, an 19 minute track of amazing mid-paced parts and blackened excellence in its design. Vinyl-only edition of 111 copies

Kalevala - Boogie Jungle 19
-Finnish and sufficiently intriguing 70s prog rock. Ideal for exquisite tastes

Kuolemanlaakso - Uljas uusi maailma 9
-Catchy & kind-of-downtuned Finnish doom/death by Swallow The Sun/Verivala vocalist

Karnarium - Otapamo Pralaja 13
-Twisted and malicious, Karnarium's unique death metal ain't for the weak hearted

Lotus Thief - Rervm 2LP 22
-Botanist side-project, very unique sounding. Psychedelic electro art rock? Transparent grey version, lim to 150 copies

Mortifera - Bleuu De Morte 13
-French black metal, balanced between a sharp kind of aesthetic and nostalgic melodies

Mordicus - Dances From Left LP & 7" (silver vinyl version) 16
-Classic 90s debut by these Finnish weirdos. Too diverse & too melodic at the time, yet death metal in its true essence

Nuit Noire - Infantile Espieglery 14
-Excellent lo-fi black metal with post-punk vocals. Not fitting for the norm

Nevoa - The Absence of Void 14
-Throughout years of forest contemplation in post-black landscapes, Nevoa chose to enrich their songwriting by injecting ambient shades & enchanting folk interludes

Night Viper - Night Viper 17
-If you like Judas Priest & old heavy metal, fast riffing and Christian Mistress this album is for you. Just as good as early CM actually, time will probably tell

Nightbringer - Ego Dominus Tuus 2LP (triple gatefold, black vinyl) 35
-Their latest full-length offering and most luxurious vinyl work to date. Quite possibly, their best release since Death And The Black Work

Ordem Satânica ‎– Ventos De Ódio
-LP version of their latest demo offering on Altare Prods, lim to 167 units. Raw and uncompromising in old forgotten ways

Orne - The Conjuration by the Fire 2LP 18
-Shady prog rock with a folk touch by Reverend Bizarre members. Truly excellent music

Onirik - Casket Dream Veneration 15
-Mysterious and enchanting, its dilating aesthetic & theatrical moments mark how Arcturus would sound as a strictly black metal band in essence

Paroni Paakkunainen - Plastic Maailma 19
-Excellent Finnish prog rock offering a sufficient blend of well-thought diversity

Semilanceata - Amsvartne 13
-Swedish dark ambient by Wulkanaz mainman, you know what to expect. This is his first 12" vinyl release

Skepticism - Ordeal 2LP+DVD 23
-The undisputed masters of funeral doom are back. Live recorded album that reeks of condemning authenticity. Its drum sound couldn't get more killer after all

Sacrificia Mortuorum / Orthanc split 2LP 13
-French black metal alliance, both sides of the split are quite great

The Deathtrip - Deep Drone Master 17
-Norwegian straightforward black metal with a Thorns vibe by DHG's Aldrahn. Black vinyl version

Tombstoned - Tombstoned 13
-Fuzzy doom from Finland, compatible to stoner/trippy sounds

Taarenes Vaar - 1996-1997 19
-A mix of early Thorns, Ved Buens Ende & 3rd And The Mortal. Early Ulver members, as well as Czral (VBE, DHG) took part in this project for some time. Both black and mint colors available

Vivus Humare - Einkehr 16
-German black metal that doesn't sound German at all. Melodic yet mesmerizing, its well-crafted edition fits perfectly an otherwise earthly aesthetic. Vinyl edition comes with 7 supplementary cards an exclusive bonus track

Vesa-Matti Loiri - Veskunoita 19
-Too odd and funky, even for weird tastes, yet apparently classic for the Finnish kind. Orange limited vinyl version

Venus Star - The Dark Victor 16
-Primal and sufficiently raw, Venus Star offers his first doomy & blackened full-length in a sense of uncompromising solidity. Side project of Atvar; also in Circle of Ouroborus, Verivala, Vordr and Prevalent Resistance among others

Venus Star - Setyphorus 16
-Riffs thick-sounding like an ever-enduring concrete mixing compatible landscapes of black & doom music. Side project of Atvar; also in Circle of Ouroborus, Verivala, Vordr and Prevalent Resistance among others

Vlad Tepes - Morte Lune 14
They didn't die from Vampyric Grief after all, so here it is. Vinyl presentation of the last Vlad Tepes demo


Messenger - Somniloquist 7" 5.50
-First effort of this promising UK band, partially influenced by Swedish prog aesthetics

Night Viper 7" 7.50
-Their first 7" release, fast & furious heavy metal with a Judas Priest edge in terms of riffing