Tuesday, 12 January 2016


Arcane Angels releases:

Yohualli - Odio Bronce Live Ritual 6
-Live manifestation including exclusive & previously unreleased material

Spectral Lore - Sentinel regular CS edition 6
-Space black metal excellence from a master of the genre

Spectral Lore - Ι CS 6
-Debut full-length of this mysterious one man black metal entity

Virus - Demo 2000 Box CS with pendant 25
-Avant-rock intellect, box edition released at AAR Festival

Manimalism - "Presents The Taarenes Vaar Demo Tapes 1996-1997" CS 8 
-Lost '90s recordings recently resurfaced by Kyrck and released under his kind permission. A mix of early Thorns, Ved Buens Ende and The 3rd and The Mortal

Dreamlongdead - "MadnessDeadGrave - Invocations Three To The ONES That Lurk At The Threshold" CS 6
-Total Hellhammer worship doom/death. CS version sounds better and more full than the digital release

Hearth - "Lies As Thick As Sand" CS 6
-Another promising doom/death act that never saw a proper light of a release. The band split-up shortly before their first full-length was out

Double Echo - "Ancient Youth" CS 6
-Shady post-punk totally faithful to the old ways. If you like Bauhaus or Joy Division you'll go nuts with this. Cassette includes an exclusive bonus from a compilation

Morpheus Tales - "Secular Noir" CS 6
-Space avant-garde with a Greek flavor that has even been compared to Fleurety by reviewers. Pro printed cassette

Agnes Vein - "Soulship" CS 6
-A mix of all things slow and heavy. Celtic Frost's Monotheist, Neurosis, Cathedral and old Anathema, among others

Distro section:

Ås - Von Oben Herab - Pro Tape 6
-Debut demo from this German band of psychening & toxic black metal

Cosmic Void Ritual - The Excreted Remains of the Sabatier System 6
-Top notch death metal. A compilation featuring the 'Gateways Through Septic Flesh' and 'Transcendence Through Galactic Death' demos

Disterror - Catharsis 8
-Incredible black/crust with an aura quite unique. This sounds more analog (and in their case much better) on tape

Howls Of Ebb - Cursus Impasse: The Pendlomic Vows 8
-Eerie oddity consumes all kinds of unearthed bleakness

Into Coffin - Into A Pyramid of Doom 8
-Good doom/death in times perilous even for the daring

Midnight Callings - Midnight Callings 4
Raw yet well-aimed, Midnight Callings dwell into their own subconscious mix of obscure aesthetics

Morthylla - Morthylla 4
-Bleak & haunting USBM for underground exquisite tastes

Nidhöggr - Turn to Ash 6
-Excellent Swedish black metal sounding just as should. Red casette version

Olxane - Primitive Casket - Pro Tape 6
-New project of T. (Kaffaljidhma, Mirre) 2 long tracks of Atmospheric/Raw Black Metal from The Netherlands

Primogenorum - Damned Hearts in the Abyss of Madness - Pro Tape 6
-Nekrotic Black Metal from the vaults of Ukraine. Last album with a special and rawer mix for this cassette version.

Tomb Mold - Primordial Malignity 6
-Great Canadian death metal, offering a plethora of inspired riffs

W.A.I.L. - Demo 07/09 Box 11
-Recommended demo compilation of these Finnish masters in a elegantly crafted oversized box