Thursday, 3 March 2016

Agnes Vein - Soulship

Agnes Vein - Soulship
-AAR 13-001
-Status: Available
-Jewelcase CD edition, 8-page booklet
-Cassette version lim to 66 units
-Tape version scheduled to follow in the near future

Second full-length by this distinctive doom band now available on CD. Presenting a mix of all sorts of slow-paced influences dealing with esoteric aspects of an eternal night. This is mandatory for the Neurosis-worshiping audience, especially since Agnes Vein stand among the few bands of today who filtered their darkness according to their own personal view.

Amongst other elements you'll find hints of old Anathema, Cathedral & Celtic Frost's "Monotheist"; even though the entire aesthetic ends up very different in nature. There is a darkness traced that's very similar, yet parallel in terms of mentality. Price is 8€ for the CD and 6€ for the cassette, but please note all customers get a 10% discount by combining three Arcane Angels releases -or place any order over 50€.