Sunday, 8 May 2016

Urkaos - Rehearsal XI

Urkaos - Rehearsal XI
-AAR 13-008
-Status: Available
-Jewelcase CD edition, 4-page booklet
-Tape version scheduled to follow in the near future

Arcane Angels is insurmountably proud to announce the beginning of their collaboration with the esoteric black metal entity of ANCIENT RECORDS. Starting with URKAOS and their "Rehearsal XI" infamous recording, Swartadau├żuz offers a more stripped-down, dungeonish approach of his classic "Urkaos I" sessions for the first time available on jewelcase CD format.

Ancient Records offers the rare blend of aura, perception and isolated brilliance that gave a special meaning to these projects in the first place. Black metal is not a kind of music meant for the norm, for it feeds an inner state of everyone against everyone. URKAOS "Rehearsal XI" is now available for the price of 8 euros, but you can ofc get a better price by combining it to our releases, or any distro stock.