Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Yohualli - Yohualli

Yohualli - Yohualli
-AAR 13-004
-Status: Available
-Remastered edition
-Jewelcase CD edition, 4-page booklet
-Vinyl & tape version scheduled to follow in the near future

Worship Black Twilight - Breaking the circle.

Arcane Angels is excited to announce what they consider their album of the year; the debut full-length release by the astral black metal entity of YOHUALLI. By drawing their influence from ancient Mayan civilizations, as well as a cosmic aura not far from the brilliance that inspired such bands in the first place, YOHUALLI have incorporated a variety of elements into their identity, crafting a work distinctive in its own ways.

Fact is the release was in need of a careful treatment for their material was a mess and literally required six remastering attempts until we managed to nail the exact sound. The goal was to preserve its chaos, expand it, and perhaps, give it a new dimension, since the guitars sound nearly astral and this dense sound only enhances their brilliant ideas. It is a truth YOHUALLI draw influence from older bands, but make no mistake; nothing out there sounds quite like them in reality. Their songwriting skills present a heavy metal mentality incorporated into their lead guitars, as they speed their way through their compositions without the sense of fear, or the weary thought of a bleak tomorrow.

YOHUALLI "self titled" was expected to be arrive on the 13th of September; but even though our copies were not in our hands by then, you should know the 13th of September is its official release date. YOHUALLI "s/t" is available for the price of 9€ plus shipping. Below you can take a look at the edition as well as the band's new logo, carefully designed by Arcane Accidents (original concept credits to Yohualli).