Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Eight New ARCANE ANGELS Releases

News, news, news. Please read carefully. THANK YOU!

Pre-order for the Spectral Lore box is already up as you can see for yourselves. In other news, we just received our copies of what we regard as our album of the year; the debut full-length release by the astral black metal entity of YOHUALLI. By drawing their influence from the notorious Black Twilight Circle and relative themes of ancient Mayan civilizations, their unique yet mesmerizing cosmic aura does not seem far from the brilliance that inspired such bands in the first place. Truth is we have a permanent bundle offer for our titles, but this time we thought we should take things a bit further, so YOHUALLI "s/t" will be available for the price of 7 euros until MYSTIK, TROLLDOM, TALASHAR, ANGEL'S ARCANA and the rest of our current cd batch arrives.

Below you can see our other expected titles, they should ship factory any day now. Both MYSTIK + TROLLDOM CDs are for sale for the price of 20 euros plus shipping, this is the price for three CDs in total and the offer stands for a matter of three days. Truth is we wanted to have them on sale when we get em in our hands, but Spectral Lore's box has delayed for some months, our Yohualli copies have already arrived and I have received several emails from people who want to combine our offers. And I don't want to make any exceptions as you understand, plus it's unfair for some bands to wait any longer.

List and prices below that are valid until further notice. All titles are expected in our hands in a matter of a week or so. After our bundle period these prices go up.

Mystik - Dunkla Klangor... (kapitel I) CD 9.50 euros (or both Mystik + Trolldom for 20)
-Ancient Records quality, no more is needed

Mystik - Af Herrens Mystik... (kapitel II) CD 9.50 euros (or both Mystik + Trolldom for 20)
-Ancient Records quality, no more is needed

Trolldom - Av Gudablod Röd... CD 9 euros (or both Mystik + Trolldom for 20)
-Ancient Records quality, no more is needed

Talashar - Secrets of the Astral Art CD 8 euros
-90s space mix of Emperor and Darkspace. Very unique in its ways and the whole recording is top notch

Angel's Arcana - Bollingen Boleskine Belturbet CD 8 euros
-Intriguing atmospheric release for fans of Antimatter and Autumn's Grey Solace

Riftworm - Household CD 8 euros
-New eerie drone band from the US. Pretty much what a drone version of Anathema would sound, some have even described it as a mix of Nadja and Angelic Process. Arcane Angels is absolutely thrilled to have this band on their roster and we are already working on their second release

"Δεν υπάρχουν ιδέες, υπάρχουν μονάχα άνθρωποι που κουβαλούν τις ιδέες, κι αυτές παίρνουν το μπόι του ανθρώπου που τις κουβαλάει." //