Monday, 3 October 2016

Spectral Lore - Sentinel

Spectral Lore - Sentinel
-AAR 13-003
-Status: [Special box - Sold Out // Regular version - Available]
-Regular & special box cassette
-Redesigned artwork, black matte box, silver pendant depicting their new ''S'' symbol
-Vinyl version scheduled to follow in the future

After quite a wait, this is what some would call the ultimate box cassette treatment for the mysterious cosmic entity behind SPECTRAL LORE. Both its regular and its special edition come with newly adjusted artwork by Arcane Accidents, presenting for the first time its impressive cover in full on just one panel. Special edition comes with a SILVER pendant inside a black matte box with the same symbol printed in silver on its remarkably smooth surface. The box looks much more elegant in reality actually and these pictures don't do enough justice.

The price is the best part. Regular cassette costs 6 euros + shipping, while our special box edition + the tape + the pendant costs only 15 euros + shipping in total. 15 euros (if not more) would cost the pendant alone so as you probably get this is an edition strictly made for the fans.