Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Riftworm - Household

Riftworm - Household
-AAR 13-015
-Status: Available
-Jewelcase CD edition, 4-page booklet
-Vinyl & tape version scheduled to follow in the near future

New crushing eerie drone band from Texas, US. Pretty much what a drone version of Anathema would sound by comparing their mindset to rare elements of the scene. Fact is their rhythmic qualities tend to focus more on songwriting instead of pure ambience, turning their wall of sound into an asphyxiating cloud that reeks of mourn and bleak atmospheres. Some have even dared to describe it as a mix of Nadja and Angelic Process, for it offers only the highest qualities amplifier worship may generate. 

Jewelcase CD edition is available for the price of 8€ plus shipping and fees. And truth is there is a slight imperfection inside the booklet, which is 100% the pressing plant's responsibility. After some unsuccessful efforts to get them printed right though, we decided to keep em that way for it somehow fits the album's title and "cursed" concept after all.