Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Virus - Demo 2000 [Special Box CS]

Virus - Demo 2000
-AAR 13-035 
-Status: Available
-Special box cassette 
-Black matte box with silver printing
-Silver pendant edition depicting full Virus' logo lim to 100 units
-Silver pin edition depicting full Virus' logo inside a frame lim to 50 units

Our most expensive experiment to date offers the ultimate edition of the long out-of-print "Demo 2000" of Norwegian avant-rock masters VIRUS. It is no secret this used to be their rarest recording to date for it had been out only once in the past before, offered as a limited 3" leather CD edition of 72 units in total. This is the second pressing of this notorious demo and the first on an accordingly faithful format; for demos are meant to be tapes, even when their nature seems a bit too special.

Specifically crafted and designed to be released at the first Arcane Angels Festival in Athens (Oct. 28, 2016), the label decided to offer the absolute essential edition that no pressing would compare to it. Our printed box comes in two different versions; first with a full silver Virus' logo made as a pendant for according use, and secondly with a full silver pin depicting their logo inside a frame. Pendant logo box edition is lim to 100 units and costs 25 euros, pin box edition is lim to 50 units and costs 26 euros. I understand the price may seem a bit higher than our usual policy, but this wasn't cheap to make (and I don't think anyone in my place would be able to sell it for less).

Please note the box is limited to ONE unit per customer. I guess you understand the reasons.