Thursday, 22 December 2016

Angel's Arcana - Bollingen - Boleskine - Belturbet

Angel's Arcana - Bollingen Boleskine Belturbet
-AAR 13-038
-Status: Available
-Jewelcase CD edition, 4-page booklet
-Tape and vinyl version scheduled to follow in the near future

Arguably most diverse release in the current post-rock field. Formed by Opened Paradise mainman, his solo project's wide range of influences deals from ethereal gothic aesthetics to post-infused atmospheres; or even small hints of Greek elements in acoustic strings and structures. Arcane Angels don't deny of course the name was a reason why we were originally intrigued to give this project a fair chance, but make no mistake; this pressing had nothing to do with coincidental similarities, or superficial impressions. What we have here is musicianship of the highest qualities with zero filler or needless moments, recommended to fans of Antimatter, Rosetta, or even Autumn's Grey Solace. Price for the jewelcase CD is 8€ + postage, tape and vinyl will follow at a later point.