Saturday, 18 March 2017

Deathwards. Nahtrunar / Iskandr LPs out now.

Previously announced bundle is available again and will remain open until one of these vinyl titles is sold out.

-NAHTRUNAR "EXISTENZ" LP + Poster (co-release with Altare Prods) 15 euros [Repress now available]

A hymn to the mysteries that are buried within existence, an amplification of the whisper the soil is trembling with, a study of the secrets of the earth. Yet, a storm gathered by the most fatal of riffs. Existenz goes for the throat in cold blood with riffs sharper than Death Himself. Expect nothing but 1994 quality by one of the most talented bands in today's underground

-ISKANDR "HEILIG LAND" LP (co-release with Mysterion) 14 euros

Debut full-length by one of the many branches of the notorious Haeresis Noviomagi collective. Lo-fi, evoking, yet magnetic; their obscure aethetics are unmatched by most relative cavemen of the current scene. It's no wonder AAR invited both Turia and Lubbert Das to our first Arcane Angels Festival in Athens; nor how we have more HN offerings in line to be out in the near future

-If you are looking for a vinyl-only deal and you are located in Europe, get both Nahtrunar & Iskandr now for 40 euros including registered shipping and paypal fees

-If you are located anywhere else in the world, you can get both titles for 44 euros including registered worldwide shipping and fees. You heard that right