Saturday, 11 March 2017

Cassette Bundle with 6 new releases

Our bundle is now over. Thank you all for your support! Next one coming, a strictly cassette one. Bundle offer will be available until Monday. 

All cassettes cost 38 euros, but you can now get everything for only 27 euros. You heard that right, it's a 30% discount. 

MANIMALISM - "Presents The Taarenes Vaar Demo Tapes 1996-1997" CS Obscure Norwegian avant-garde brilliance. Lost '90s recordings recently resurfaced by Kyrck and released under his kind permission. Music is a mix of early Thorns, Ved Buens Ende and The 3rd and The Mortal and it is that good in terms of both aesthetic and quality. Edition comes in an all shiny silver pouch. Price: 8 euros.

DREAMLONGDEAD - "MadnessDeadGrave - Invocations Three To The ONES That Lurk At The Threshold" CS Total Hellhammer worship doom/death without sounding "dated" or stuck in the past. Not much to say other than how cassette ended up better than the digital and if you disagree I'll just give you your money back. Edition lim to 66 units. Price: 6 euros

HEARTH - "Lies As Thick As Sand" CS Another promising doom/death act that never saw a proper light of a release. The band split-up shortly before their first full-length was out and we're now pressing it just for the sake of a release. Thus, edition is lim to 33 units with no repress possibility. Price: 6 euros

DOUBLE ECHO - "Ancient Youth" CS Shady post-punk totally faithful to the old ways. If you like Bauhaus or Joy Division you'll go nuts with this. Cassette includes an exclusive bonus from a compilation they took part in. Edition lim to 100 units. Price: 6 euros

MORPHEUS TALES - "Secular Noir" CS Space avant-garde with a Greek flavor that has even been compared to Fleurety by reviewers. I know this one delayed a lot but we were waiting for their new logo and no one managed or found the time to get it done. Cassette version lim to 50 units. Price: 6 euros  

AGNES VEIN - "Soulship" CS A mix of all things slow and heavy, Soulship was our very first AAR release on CD and this is its cassette version. Limitation is strict to 66 units as it addresses to existing fans of their sound and its unfathomable quality. Price: 6 euros