Monday, 13 March 2017

Spectral Wound, Barren Canyon & Nightstalker out now

Cassette bundle is now over. Next one:

-SPECTRAL WOUND - "Terra Nullius" CD
Raw yet epic; melodic yet abrassive; a Canadian masterful riff-fest in the most evoking of atmospheres

-BARREN CANYON - "Close The Circle" CD
First full-length approach presenting Maikan's frosty appeal to Canadian nature. Edition includes all new and impressive booklet artwork

One of the most classic Greek rock albums and a hard to find recording for years. One of my favorite records and no inferior to Kyuss, Monster Magnet or the other old bands of this scene. Line-up includes Andreas Lagios (ex-Rotting Christ)

Get now both SPECTRAL WOUND and BARREN CANYON for only 14 euros. Offer stands for the following two days. For adding the NIGHTSTALKER digi subtotal is 21 euros