Sunday, 9 April 2017


I apologize for the delay. Pressing plant faced a malfunction problem and needed to repair its equipment so all orders are now shipping. For any who missed on the stuff:

Nahtrunar - Existenz DigiCD 10 euros ​ 

-A study of the secrets of the earth, yet a storm gathered by the most fatal of riffs. Unmatched brilliance shining through the most dreadful of nights. Digipack cd edition, including an 8-page booklet with unseen art and lyrics.

Summum - Benedictus Qui Venit In Nomine Domine - Redeamus Ad Mort Domine CD 9 euros ​

-Abruptum worship insanity by Swartadauþuz of Ancient Records. Original LP release kills. Equally excellent mastered CD edition that won't leave anyone unsatisfied.

Urkaos ‎– Urkaos II CD 9 euros ​ 

-Swedish dark ambient by Swartadauþuz of Ancient Records. Its impeccable intellect pierces all senses through the new superior master. CD version of their 2011 demo. 

Balwezo Westijiz - Spirituell Dödsdyrkan CD 9 euros 

-Swedish dark ambient by Swartadauþuz of Ancient Records. Only out once on a limited cassette version of 20 hand-numbered copies. Improved remastered release that includes rather evoking art. 

Balwezo Westijiz - Urkraftens Mystik CD 9 euros 

-Swedish dark ambient by Swartadauþuz of Ancient Records. CD re-release of the band's official full-length. Includes an impressive and well-crafted 8-page booklet. 

Spectral Lore - I CS 6 [OUT ON APRIL 13] 
-Greyish cassette version of this brilliant debut. A release focusing on the band's earlier black metal roots. Edition limited to 33 units. 

For any who missed our previous bundle offer, we got the following options below: 

Buy all four Ancient Records cds now for 30 euros + shipping 
Buy all four Ancient Records & Nahtrunar "Existenz" cds now for 39 euros + shipping 
Buy all the above titles (6 releases in total) for 42 euros + shipping