Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Rosetta's "A Dead-Ender's Reunion" DCS pre-order. A different one.

Rosetta's "A Dead-Ender's Reunion" Double Cassette pre-order is now open. And every copy will be unique. Please read carefully all info below. 

I gave quite a lot of thought on this. Not only because Rosetta is a highly favorite band, but also cos I very much wanted to do something special for the occasion. "A Dead-Ender's Reunion" is their first cassette, a commemorative release spanning the band's entire career from 2003 to the present, as well as their only physical edition to compile a total of three hours and ten minutes of recorded material. 

As you know, "A Dead-Ender's Reunion" original digital release included a ton of remixes, rarities, b-sides, demos and selected live tracks that most of 'em didn't end up on its CD version. And it is a wonder whether they will ever see the light of a future release again, as the digipack would have to be a 3CD (and the price could turn out a practical problem). It made more sense at the time to keep them aside for something both different and special in a sense. Especially since the additional tracks do fit a cassette better, hence why the release will be divided in two parts. 

Question is, why is a pre-order for two cassettes necessary? Because every copy will be unique. You heard that right, every single edition will be different, so that means you get to own your own personal copy with it's owner's name too. The shape is also something you'll find out when you unseal your parcel: It might be two cassettes in a simple double case, it might be a pouch edition, or it could be a wooden box... it could be anything, really. Not only the materials, but the shapes may also differ for some cases. So it is safe to tell this will require a lot of work, but also a lot of care I'll put into. 

Price for the double cassette box is 14 euros plus shipping & fees and you can only order ONE unit per customer. As you get, these won't be simple editions, the production cost not the usual one and if anyone sells it for some extra bucks on discogs, well, I feel sorry for you already. Please contact me via arcaneangelsrecords @ gmail [.] com (old email works too), my FB label page or carrier pigeon. And if there's any difference in the shipping price, rest assured I will refund the difference when the edition is out.
arcaneangelsrecords @ gmail [.] com