Monday, 5 June 2017

NEWS NEWS NEWS! Nine (9) New Arcane Angels Releases.

An LP preorder bundle was previously available through our FB page, but since I wanted to have a clearer view of when I should expect my next titles, I didn't want to update the site or send a newsletter as of yet. 

CDs are all here and LPs are expected to ship factory this week. Titles and samples below. 

And please don't email me at my old label email or message me on facebook for this bundle. Better to organize it properly and I much prefer to keep all orders together.

​YOHUALLI "Yohualli" LP 
Colored (transparent yellow) 16 euros / Black 15 euros 

LP version of the official debut by supernova masters of the Black Twilight sound. Albeit their sound is now evolving into something different. News, news, news to be out soon on coming releases.

TORRID HUSK / END "Swallow Matewan" LP 
Colored (transparent blue) 16 euros / Black 15 euros 

A fruitful collaboration of entities faithful to the atmospheric bm sound. Evoking and massive, yet without losing its edge. This release may appeal to all tastes, as its quality shines from start to finish

SPECTRAL WOUND "Terra Nullius" LP 
Black 15 euros 

Canadian masters of the atmospheric bm sound. Both abrassive and evoking, with an edge arguably "punkish" in a sense. Brilliant LP with lots of catchy riffs throughout the recording

Preorder options available and they're dirt cheap: 
Buy ALL three releases for 44 euros INCLUDING postage within the EU 
Buy ALL three releases for 46.50 euros INCLUDING postage WORLDWIDE 

Colored bundle is +2 euros added to the total 

Black (lim to 100) 23 euros / Smokey Grey 23 euros 

Most classic Greek stoner rock recording, coming straight from the mid 90s. Line up includes Andreas Lagios of Rotting Christ. Style is straight-to-the-point stoner rock in the vein of Kyuss, Slo Burn and Unida and it is actually THAT good.

INCULCATOR "Void Abecedary" Jewelcase CD 
Remastered And Improved / Damage 9 euros 

Incredible technical thrash for fans of Vektor, Nocturnus, Mekong Delta and South American thrash. Side-project of Abyssal (UK)

ISKANDR "Heilig Land" Digipack CD 
Damage 9 euros 

CD edition of their previously issued LP, so you are aware what to expect. Nothing but top notch quality and obscure ritualistic sounds by the otherwise notorious collective of Haeresis Noviomagi

ISKANDR "Zon" Digipack CD 
Damage: 8.50 euros 

Follow up to Heilig Land, same sound and aesthetic, albeit even more mature in terms of songwriting. Band belong to the HN collective with Turia and Lubbert Das among others. A perfect fit to an otherwise great streak of releases

EDO "Without Thought" Jewelcase CD 
Damage: 8.50 euros 

Rock-based project of Yohualli mainman. Ιts electric tracks have a feel similar to Yohualli's sheer intensity, while the acoustic parts expand in a rather foggy sense. Remarkably interesting and diverse release throughout its entire running length 

Electric sample:

Acoustic sample:

MORPHEUS TALES "Secular Noir" Jewelcase CD 
Damage: 9 euros 

A trip into the cosmos by one of Greece's most unique avant-garde entities. Their style blends both Greek and oldish Norwegian influences -reviewers have even compared them to Fleurety in a sense. This is the jewelcase CD edition of their lim cassette previously out on Arcane Angels

Preorder options below: 
Buy all 5 CDs for 33 euros + (extra) shipping 
Or buy the whole pack of 9 releases (3 lps, 1 dlp, plus 5 cds) and get it for 84 euros + shipping (28 euros discount here) 

Generally, I think you can tell by now the label's concept is to promote bands who focus on actual songwriting / musicianship. So that means we don't mind giving some stuff literally for free. 

Thank you all for supporting the label so far, your encouragement has been seriously overwhelming. We hope you've all been enjoying our past releases, albeit tastes can differ in some occasions.