Friday, 5 January 2018

Yohualli "Odio Bronce Live Ritual" out now

Hello to all!

1) YOHUALLI have a new live cassette out titled "Odio Bronce Live Ritual". Its running length is mostly comprised of tracks that did not make it on the band's official debut, plus a bonus song exclusive to the tape version. The release is limited to 70 copies and its live material has been remastered specifically for the occasion.

Price for the tape: 6 euros before postage.

You can stream the cassette in full here:

2) Secondly, I know its been a long wait for Rosetta's Dead Enders Reunion CS and the only thing that put a halt to it were the label's serious financial problems. The edition is in the works and in order to compensate people for their patience, all units will be wooden ones. It will be the next AAR title out.

Thank you all for your support,